Instructions for online classes

Dear Parents
During this unprecedented times when we are home bound,the school is putting in all efforts to help its students and make this time productive.

We wish to furnish certain set of instructions for the students to follow during online classes.

1. All the children must attend the online classes as attendance is mandatory.
2. To stay active it is always good to take a  bath before your class starts, have a healthy breakfast and keep a water bottle with you and sit in a correct posture.
3. All the students should be well dressed with hair properly combed.Girls must tie their hair properly.
4. Keep yourself ready  with  required study material for the class i.e. books, notebooks, pen and so on.
5. Login a few minutes prior to your class with your name and keep your camera on so that you can be supervised by the teachers. 
6. If possible use headphone/earphone during the lecture to ensure that you hear everything clearly.
8. Homework and assignments should be done regularly.
9. Parents must keep strict supervision on their child while he/she attends the class so that your child concentrates on his/her studies. 
10.Don't share the meeting invite with an outsider.These classes are meant only for the students of our school.
11. For any queries students are free to ask the teachers on their personal mobile number.
12 . Any kind of disgraceful behaviour by any child will not be accepted.  Please help in maintaining perfect discipline and decorum during the classes as you are expected to follow in your school. 

We are at all times, working to assist the students in their learning process and request the parents to be with us in this endeavour.
Kindly see to it that you have an environment filled with positivity at home.

Your cooperation is solicited.

St. Crispin's Sr. Sec. School, Gurugram